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Birth Injury

The pain and grief families must endure when a child suffers serious fetal injury or death during delivery are impossible to overstate. When circumstances indicate that such a tragic event was due to medical mistakes such as the failure of a doctor to recognize and deal properly with delivery complications, it is essential to seek qualified legal counsel.

At our respected law firm, you can work with an Edwardsville birth injury attorney who has succeeded at trial and in settlement negotiations for victims of delivery room negligence. Led in this practice area by Eric J. Carlson, we investigate medical malpractice claims rigorously and pursue full and fair compensation for those they harm.

Pursuing Full Compensation for Families Harmed by Delivery Room Negligence

Comprehensive analysis and thorough, detailed case building are clear strengths for our lawyers, and both are critical for families who may face the expense of lifelong care for a child with special needs due to:

  • Cerebral palsy or another form of permanent brain damage caused by fetal distress and resulting oxygen deprivation
  • Erb’s palsy or other severe physical injuries sometimes caused by negligence in the use of forceps or vacuum extraction
  • Other serious, irreversible disabilities related to preventable birth trauma, including failure to perform a necessary C-section in a timely manner

Dedicated, Trial-Proven Collinsville and Alton Area Surgical Error Attorneys

Across many decades in practice, attorneys at our firm have built a network of qualified medical experts and other resources essential for assessing the validity of birth injury claims. We are committed to finding answers and seeking justice for families, which often requires gaining a direct, thorough understanding of available medical options and standards of care as well as the circumstances of each specific case.

Our attorneys obtained a substantial confidential settlement for a failure to recognize and act on signs of fetal distress in a delivery room and for the nurses’ failure to properly communicate with the ob/gyn physician during a high risk delivery.

People who turn to Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, for legal counsel receive compassionate personal attention and practical legal guidance. If you have a valid medical malpractice claim, we have the experience and resources to accurately determine its value and pursue what is right via the best path to resolution. For your free consultation with a knowledgeable southern Illinois malpractice attorney, call 618-307-4054 or send us an e-mail today.