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Traffic Violations

Yes, You Can Defend Against Traffic Violations

Many people think traffic citations are set in stone, and that there is no good defense against them. In fact, you have the right to a hearing or trial regarding your citation, and actually have numerous options for defending against the citation and keeping your driving privileges.

If you have been issued a traffic citation, The Madison County Traffic Law Attorneys an affiliate of Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC can help. Our dedicated team can tackle even the most serious traffic citation, including driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, underage DUI and multiple DUI. No citation is too small or mundane to overlook; your future driving privileges may depend on successful defense against that speeding ticket today.

Contact a Madison County traffic violations attorney online or call 618-307-4054 or toll free 877-808-7742 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your charges.

Experienced DUI Attorney, Edwardsville, Illinois

Your driver’s license or commercial driver’s license (CDL) may very well be at stake if you are charged with a traffic violation. Our experienced staff knows the Madison County court system and has learned successful strategies for defending against DUI, CDL traffic tickets and other moving violations.

Our staff will carefully examine every detail of your citation beginning with the initial traffic stop. We will look for deviations from police procedures or violations of your rights as a motorist to determine if the stop was properly executed. We look for holes in the prosecution’s case that can be exploited on your behalf in the hopes of having your charges reduced, dropped or held over for court supervision in an effort to keep the citations off your driving record.

Saving You Money and the Hassle of Losing Your License

Convictions of traffic violations can raise insurance rates, cost money in fines and can lead to the loss of driving privileges, installment of a BAIID device (breath alcohol ignition interlock device) and jail time. We work aggressively on your behalf to ensure that the state meets its requirements to prove your guilt, and have achieved successful results for numerous clients in the past.

Getting a lawyer involved as soon as you have been charged with a DUI or traffic citation can help save your license, your money and avoid lengthy court proceedings.

Let us help you defend against these charges. Contact The Madison County Traffic Law Attorneys online or call 618-307-4054 or toll free at 877-808-7742 to schedule a free consultation with a DUI and traffic offense attorney to discuss your charges. We even accept credit card payments to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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