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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a popular transportation choice in the Metro East area and throughout southern Illinois. Commuting by motorcycle and riding recreationally are common pursuits for people across the cultural spectrum, offering economic benefits as well as a unique brand of enjoyment.

Unfortunately for both riders and passengers, the risk of serious injury or death if an accident occurs is much greater on a motorcycle than in a car. All too often, other drivers fail to keep lookout for motorcycles, check blind spots and generally stay alert to all kinds of traffic. For motorcyclists, such negligence leads to head injuries, spinal injuries, bone fractures, lacerations, scarring and a vast range of other painful consequences.

Decades of Experience Seeking Just Recoveries for Crash Victims

Our personal injury and wrongful death practice is led by Eric J. Carlson, a widely respected 26-year attorney who maintains his Illinois motorcycle license and has a strong understanding of risks to riders and the total impact of serious, complex injuries.

The St. Louis and Edwardsville motorcycle accident lawyers at our firm have won just compensation for victims and families after a wide range of life-changing accidents on our roadways. In addition to liability and medical challenges, insurance issues are also often complex, and our managing partner, attorney Christopher Byron, provides valuable perspective from both sides of high-value insurance claims.

We are committed to rigorous investigation of all aspects of motorcycle and bike accidents, and to supporting our clients’ overall recoveries in every way possible. This includes:

  • Responding quickly and putting qualified resources to work determining all factors in cause and liability for the crash, which are often contested by drivers who claim a motorcyclist was reckless and “impossible” to see in time to avoid a wreck
  • Considering other potential causes and contributing factors, including motorcycle product defects and dangers presented by unsafe roadways, construction zones and railroad crossings
  • Assisting in location of the best doctors and facilities available for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of severe injuries — simultaneous with extensive research and documentation to ensure our compelling presentation of total impact on our client’s life

East St. Louis, Glen Carbon and Alton Motorcycle Injury Attorneys

Fast action to launch an investigation and guidance from an experienced lawyer are critical after any serious motorcycle accident. To reach skilled negotiators and trial-proven attorneys at Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, and receive a free case evaluation, contact us now.