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Charitable 501(c)(3) Lawyers

At the law firm of Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, we represent local agencies, clubs, churches, trusts and other nonprofit businesses. We help them obtain and maintain the Charitable 501(c)(3) status and advise them on their ongoing operations.

The Lawyers at our firm are knowledgeable in charitable 501(c)(3) law and are skilled at representing organizations with this status. If you need an attorney to represent your nonprofit business, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one today.

Serving the Unique Needs of Charitable 501(c)(3) Organizations

The legal needs of nonprofit companies differ for churches, nonprofit agencies, clubs and other charitable organizations. Some may need legal help maintaining the 501(c)(3) status, while other groups need assistance in setting up a charitable trust or understanding tax law.

When advising and representing charitable and nonprofit companies, the lawyers at Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, offer quality legal advice tailored to the specific needs of the business. We take time to thoroughly understand companies’ needs and work collaboratively with companies to achieve their individual goals.

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Contact a lawyer who can explain the process of obtaining the nonprofit status and can help you with various legal needs that might arise in the future.

Contact Attorney Christopher W. Byron, partner of Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, for your nonprofit business needs. Call our office in Edwardsville at 618-307-4054.