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Premises Liability

All Illinois business and personal property owners have a legal obligation to keep their property safe and free of dangerous conditions. This “duty of care” includes obligations not to create hazards that could cause injury to others and to remove or repair known hazards. However, after a slip-and-fall accident or other property-related accident occurs, disputes often arise over whether the property owner knew about the hazard, when the condition became dangerous and whether the injury victim exercised reasonable caution.

Rapid Investigation and Dependable Analysis of Your Potential Legal Case

The St. Louis and Edwardsville premises liability attorneys at Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, have decades of experience investigating and analyzing injury-causing accidents to determine whether legal action is warranted. In numerous premises liability cases, originating on both commercial and residential property, we have successfully proven that a property owner was negligent and therefore liable for damages, including the victim’s medical expenses and lost income.

A Track Record of Success Representing Victims of Falls and Other Accidents

Our respected law firm’s experience and capabilities cover the full spectrum of serious premises liability claims, including:

  • Falls and other preventable on-the-job accidents caused by dangerous conditions in factories, warehouses and other work environments — which sometimes call for legal action against someone other than the victim’s employer in addition to a workers’ compensation claim
  • Slip-and-fall accidents on slippery floors in stores and restaurants
  • Falls on poorly maintained stairways and other accidents caused by structural defects and building code violations
  • Burn injuries and wrongful deaths due to fire or explosion
  • A wide range of other events caused by a property owner’s negligence, from dog attacks to swimming pool and playground accidents

Our lawyers’ record of premises liability case successes includes a $1.2 million settlement for a man who fell from a trailer at an unsafe loading dock and a $575,000 settlement obtained for a shopper struck by a car that crashed into a convenience store. We know the applicable Illinois laws in depth, and we build the strongest possible cases for people injured on dangerous property.

Responsive, Skilled Alton and Granite City Slip-and-Fall Accident Attorneys

It is critical to contact a qualified lawyer as soon as possible after a major fall or other serious accident you believe was caused by a property owner’s negligence. The time window for collecting physical and photographic evidence, witness accounts and other essential information for proving your claim is often extremely limited.

To tell a caring, practical personal injury lawyer what happened to you, your child or another loved one and discuss whether legal action is justified, contact our law offices now by telephone or e-mail. We offer a free consultation and will charge no fees unless we take your case and obtain compensation that benefits you.