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Trucking Accidents

Semi accidents and those involving other massive commercial vehicles — including tractor-trailer rigs, delivery trucks and construction vehicles — are especially devastating for readily apparent reasons. The sheer size and weight of an over-the-road truck create tremendous force at any speed, and a highway collision with an ordinary passenger car, truck or van often results in life-changing injuries or fatalities.

As demonstrated by numerous high-value verdicts and settlements obtained over the past several decades, our Edwardsville and St. Louis trucking accident lawyers are adept at proving negligence and presenting the full impact of damages suffered in these complex cases. We put rigorous attention to detail, extensive trucking industry and insurance knowledge, and a widespread reputation for legal skill and integrity to work for the individuals and families we represent.

Committed to Rigorous Investigation and Resourcefulness in Litigation

A wide range of nuanced factors can enter into causality and liability for a trucking accident, making thorough investigation and analysis essential. Lawyers at our firm, aided by supremely qualified experts in accident reconstruction and other disciplines as needed, will consider issues such as:

  • Skid marks, vehicle damage, point of impact and other indicators of excessive speed, failure to maintain control and other tangible accident causes
  • Evidence of violations of federal regulations and state trucking laws, such as those governing service hours and intended to prevent dangerous driver fatigue
  • Vehicle maintenance issues, including any failure to conduct proper inspections and perform repairs essential for safety
  • The truck driver’s safety history and whether the trucking company conducted an appropriate background check and provided sufficient training

Proven Alton, Granite City and Collinsville Truck Injury Attorneys

Dedicated personal injury attorneys at our Madison County firm have obtained many sizable negotiated settlements and taken several 18-wheeler accident cases through trial to verdict. This experience includes a $5.5 million verdict in St. Clair County, Illinois, in 1997 and a $3.3 million verdict in Madison County in 2010.

Fast action to get qualified counsel is essential after a serious trucking accident or other motor vehicle crash. To involve lawyers who have built a lengthy track record of outstanding results and will respond to you with genuine care and determination to help, contact our firm now. We offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation and represent injury victims on a full contingency basis.