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You can avoid many last-minute closing issues

Closing is one of the final and most important steps for both buyers and sellers in any real estate transaction. Even if everything seems to be on track, however, things can still go wrong that can hold up or even derail the closing and the transaction. If the buyers are relying on a mortgage to pay for the home, the lender is a crucial party to...

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3 common reasons that workers sue the companies that employ them

Employment lawsuits are expensive for the businesses involved and can do incalculable damage to a company's reputation. If the local news media hears about an employment lawsuit, the story might start to gain traction on social media. Both customers and talented professionals that work for an organization might choose not to do business with the...

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What should you consider as you choose your executor?

Choosing the right person to be the executor of your estate plan is crucial to help ensure that your wishes are carried out as you’ve designated and that your estate is settled with a minimum of problems, conflict and delays. The executor does a lot more than distribute your assets. They need to deal with the probate court, pay your final bills,...

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Engaging in proper due diligence before acquiring a business

A business acquisition or a merger with another company could be a great option for you as an individual or the company that you run. When you purchase another company or start negotiating to merge with that business, you can potentially benefit from that organization's established brands, its staff roster and even its trade secrets, like...

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