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If a trial judge has ruled against you in your contract or real estate dispute, personal injury case or any civil matter, you have the right to appeal that decision to a higher court. If you are considering filing an appeal, it is important to work with an attorney, and a law firm, with experience handling this unique caseload.

Not every attorney or firm has experience handling appeals cases, but our lawyers have successfully argued on appeal before the Appellate Courts of Illinois and Missouri. Contact us to begin discussions about the appeal of your case at 618-307-4054.

Why Is it Important to Have an Attorney with Appeals Experience?

An appeal is very different from a trial. A successful appeal is based on a careful analysis of all aspects of the case, being able to interpret the law correctly and possessing skill in written and oral argumentation is paramount. Our law firm offers appellate practice which includes drafting appellate briefs and supporting documents, researching all state and federal laws, and reviewing trial records. We are also experienced in filing emergency appeals.

An appellate lawyer is well versed in developing a case strategy which uses the evidence already provided in the trial. At appeal, it is not possible to add new evidence except under exceptional circumstances — which is why it is crucial to ensure that every detail possible is included in your initial trial. Our attorneys will review your case to ascertain whether or not an appeal is possible, and if it is likely to be successful.

If there is a means to get your case successfully through the appeals system, we will find a way. Get in touch with our firm today to start discussing your appeals options. There are strict time limits in place, so it is important to consult with us as soon as possible. Appointments are available at our offices in St. Louis and Edwardsville.