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Wrongful Death Attorneys

The future is often very hard to contemplate after the sudden, unexpected death of a family member. People in this situation must cope with extreme grief and uncertainty, and the decisions associated with taking legal action can be overwhelming. For people in Madison County, Illinois, across the border in Missouri and throughout the surrounding area, our law firm is a caring, comprehensive legal resource.

Our work across the spectrum of auto accidents, medical malpractice, work accidents, toxic exposure and other areas is focused on helping survivors get answers, heal and regain financial security.

Our Edwardsville and St. Louis wrongful death attorneys have a well-established legacy of advocacy for families irreparably harmed by the reckless actions of other individuals and corporations. To cite just one example, an attorney won a $1.25 million verdict for the family of a woman killed in an auto accident because a power company failed to set out highway markers while stringing lines on the interstate.

A Total Commitment and Total Effort to Help Heal Grieving Families

Wrongful death case analysis, valuation and litigation may well be the ultimate tests for a trial lawyer. Experienced lawyers at our firm are up to the challenges of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, and we address them with a total commitment to:

  • Conducting all the investigative work and research necessary to present a compelling account of what caused a fatal accident — often going beyond available physical evidence into the underlying science, as we did in one explosion case requiring in-depth knowledge of blast furnace technology
  • Enlisting top-quality expert resources as needed to project a family’s total economic loss related to a wrongful death and aggressively pursue maximum compensation
  • Keeping our clients’ best interests always in the forefront of our efforts by presenting legal options and settlement offers in a clear, balanced manner
  • Building every case for trial in order to apply pressure that may lead to a fair, timely settlement without time-consuming, emotionally difficult litigation

Trial-Proven Alton, Collinsville and Granite City, Illinois, Fatal Accident Attorneys

The compassionate, determined lawyers of Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, are here to do everything in our power to help your family recover from tragedy. To talk through your situation and explore legal options with no risk or obligation whatsoever, contact us today.