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Verdicts & Settlements

Our esteemed Edwardsville accident attorneys’ achievements of note include the following:

$3.3 million verdict in 2010 in a trucking accident case in Madison County, Illinois for a man that sustained catastrophic injuries when a tractor trailer crossed the median.

$2.5 million verdict in 2010 (reduced for 50% contributory negligence) in a railroad crossing case for a man that suffered a brain injury at a rural railroad crossing where the railroad did not cut back its vegetation or sound its horn.

$2.2 million settlement in 2009 in a medical malpractice case for failure to timely diagnose the cause of partial paralysis.

$1.2 million recovery in 2008 in a product liability and premises liability claim for a man that suffered a closed head injury after falling off a tanker trailer that lacked fall protection at a loading dock.

$150,000 settlement in 2008 in a claim against a home inspector that failed to identify mold that caused a woman to suffer from fungal sinusitis.

$575,000 settlement in 2008 for a man struck by a car inside a convenience store that lacked protective balusters.

$925,000 settlement in a products liability claim in 2006 for a man that had a partial arm amputation from a conveyor at work that lacked proper guards.

$750,000 settlement in a legal malpractice claim in 2006 for a business injured by an attorney’s failure to vigorously defend and investigate a claim.

$825,000 settlement in a product liability suit in 2005 for a man that lost the use of an eye because of an inadequate guard.

$1 million settlement in a product liability claim in 2003 for a man that sustained a fractured heel and severe nerve damage resulting from a fall caused by a design defect in road construction equipment that made it inherently unstable.

$4 million settlement in 2003 for a woman that sustained catastrophic lower leg injuries when she was struck by a bus in a crosswalk.

$6 million settlement in 2002 for a wrongful death products liability claim.

$225,000 verdict in 2002 for a man that fell into an uncovered manhole at a racetrack with inadequate lighting and fractured his leg.

$2.5 million verdict (reduced by 50% contributory negligence) in 1999 for the family of a 19 year old man killed in Madison County, Illinois because of an extra-hazardous railroad crossing with only cross bucks and no flashers or gates. Subsequent to the accident and the filing of the lawsuit, flashers and gates were added. This verdict was affirmed on appeal in 2001.

$600,000 settlement in 1999 for a man injured that was unable to return to work after a head-on collision between 18-wheelers where he fractured his femur and lost his spleen.

$2.3 million settlement in 1998 for a man that received third degree burns and broken ankles at a steel mill in Madison County, Illinois when the mast of a forklift carrying hot steel bars failed causing the rupture of the hydraulic lines and a fire ball of ignited hydraulic fluid.

$5.5 million trucking accident verdict in St. Clair County, Illinois in 1997 for a man that suffered a closed head injury resulting in cognitive deficits when an 18 wheeler hit a vehicle on the shoulder of I-55

$550,000 settlement in 1997 for a woman that had to receive a lumbar fusion as a result of a collision with an 18 wheeler whose driver changed lanes without properly looking out for other traffic.

$1 million verdict in St. Louis, Missouri in 1995 for a railroad worker injured while trying to repair an overloaded gondola car. While jacking the car up with a hydraulic jack, the railroad tie collapsed because it was defective.

$704,000 verdict in 1995 for a railroad worker who herniated a disc in his lower back while trying to throw a defective switch.

$650,000 verdict in 1994 for a railroad worker that herniated a disc in his back when coupling cars because the railroad failed to provide a safe place to work.

$1.25 million verdict in 1993 to a family whose mother was killed when another vehicle collided with hers because the power company was negligent for stopping traffic at night to string power lines across the interstate without setting out highway markers.