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Class Action

Class action lawsuits are serious cases. When one person is injured, it is a tragedy, when more than one person is involved in an accident or defect issue, it is absolutely crucial that a class action suit is filed to compensate all the victims and ensure that proper parties are held accountable.

Class action suits are not for everyone, and only an experienced law firm with a history of success handling these types of cases should be consulted. If you suspect your incident may be part of a larger issue, get in touch with our firm today by calling 618-307-4054 or 877-808-7742. Our class action lawyers offer services to clients in Illinois, Missouri and across the region.

History of Success

Attorneys at Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, have a legacy of success handling complex, serious product liability claims that extend back to the 1960s. Our attorneys have handled asbestos exposure and mesothelioma litigation as a plaintiffs’ lawyers for several years. Partner and personal injury lawyer Eric J. Carlson brings his unyielding commitment to investigation and research – extending beyond legal issues into the underlying science – to cases including:

  • Individual and class action lawsuits against product manufacturers
  • Toxic tort claims associated with chemical exposure and chemical injury
  • Workplace injury and fatality cases that justify lawsuits often much greater in value than workers’ compensation claims, due to accident risks ranging from the lack of guards on industrial equipment to failure to recognize chemical flammability
  • Actions against manufacturers of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and defective medical devices such as leak-prone Fentanyl pain patches
  • Cases against manufacturers of household products such as food processors that turn on spontaneously and cause amputation injuries

To discuss your legal options after a product-related or industrial accident in the Metro East or Missouri, contact us for a free consultation at 618-307-4054 or 877-808-7742. If we are able to represent you, we will charge no attorney fees unless we win a financial recovery on your behalf.