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General Litigation

Although our firm has a focus on assisting clients with their personal injury, business law and criminal issues, our attorneys are all general litigation lawyers who consistently handle cases involving disputes. Because our firm focuses on these areas in particular, we are extremely experienced at handling situations that require detailed investigation, due diligence, discovery, and analysis. Our success means that we have the resources necessary to handle your case thoroughly, and we look forward to assisting you in any general litigation matter, including:

  • Appeals: Appellate law is a special area of focus for many attorneys. The appeals process is significantly different from the regular trial process, and it is important to work with an experienced attorney and a law firm with a history of success handling these types of cases. You can file an appeal in any type of case: criminal or civil (this can include personal injury cases or business disputes).
  • Class action: When more than one person is injured in an incident or by a product or action, a class action suit is often the most efficient way to handle the situation. Multiple claimants are named as recipients of the damages, and those responsible for the monetary or physical injury are held accountable.
  • Insurance coverage or bad faith cases: We represent insurance companies when they are accused of bad faith or inability to pay the coverage owed to their policyholders. We have been handling these types of cases for years, and we use our skills to protect your company’s best interests and allow you to focus on providing the best service possible.
  • Insurance defense cases: Our firm has experience representing insurance companies, corporate policyholders, general contractors and subcontractors in civil suits. We understand that especially when it comes to small businesses, a lawsuit can wreak havoc. We defend clients against commercial general liability policy claims, insurance bad faith claims, false claims, accusations of discrimination and coverage disputes.

No matter what your litigation matter may be, our firm is here to assist you in whatever you need. Our attorneys have experience in every arena, so no matter what twists or turns your case may take, you can be confident that we are prepared.

Call our office at 618-307-4054 or 877-808-7742 to discuss your case in more detail. We offer appointments at our St. Louis and Edwardsville offices and are happy to serve clients with interests in Illinois and Missouri. Get in touch today.