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Mergers & Acquisitions

In dynamic markets, it is rare for a business not to change its size to keep up with demand or the need for growth. Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, is well-versed in guiding our clients through mergers, acquisitions and the sale of assets. We have represented both buyers and sellers in their purchase transactions.

Our law firm’s goal is to make sure your business is positioned to realize its full potential while avoiding hidden pitfalls. Be assured through our sound advice and individualized attention that our law firm will assist you through each step of your transaction. Contact our Metro East law firm at 618-307-4054 to schedule a consultation with one of business attorneys.

Protecting Your Business

With any merger or acquisition, there is always an element of risk. Our firm helps to mitigate your risks by encouraging discovery and due diligence to ensure that your goals are being met through the proposed deal. We will advise you as to your legal rights, and work with financial experts to determine the best possible course of action for your organization. Working hard to protect our interests, we examine every possible area of your agreement to identify any issues that may present themselves and determine the best possible solution.

We understand corporate law, and our approach is always thorough and realistic. We can assist you with any supplementary documentation you may need in your merger or acquisition, such as non-compete agreements. Our goal is to minimize your risks and achieve your aims through protecting your legal interests as thoroughly as possible.

Speak With a Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

With offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and Edwardsville, Illinois, we are easily available for assisting clients with mergers and acquisitions that include complex interstate issues and can help you ensure compliance throughout the process. Reach out to a lawyer today to discuss how our law firm can help you move your business forward efficiently and effectively.