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Bankruptcy Attorneys

When a business customer fails to pay their debts and self-help remedies have failed, contacting an experienced lawyer can be the best way to take action to effectively and efficiently reclaim money that your business is owed.

At the Edwardsville law office of Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, we frequently protect creditors’ rights in matters including debt collection, mortgage foreclosure actions, and bankruptcy actions. We also assist clients with Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) transactions and disputes, and offer general commercial litigation and advice. Contact us today so we can begin working with you.

Protecting Creditors’ Rights in Bankruptcy

When a debtor threatens bankruptcy, you must take action to protect your right to payment. Often, creditors can challenge a debtor’s right to discharge a debt owed. Creditors even may be heard in bankruptcy court to challenge payment of the assets in a debtor’s liquidation plan. They may also be able to share in distribution from the bankruptcy estate.

If a homeowner continually defaults on a mortgage payment, foreclosure may be necessary. We represent creditors’ rights to collect mortgage payment by putting a stay on the house or forcing foreclosure.

Our Attorneys Know Bankruptcy Law

At Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, we know bankruptcy law and aggressively act to help our clients protect their rights.

Attorney Christopher W. Byron, is an experienced lawyer and member of the Commercial Law League. He has been helping clients throughout the Metro East protect creditors’ rights for several years. Using his knowledge of creditors’ rights and banking law, he takes action to effectively and efficiently protect your rights and help you recover the debts you are owed.

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To speak with one of our well-qualified bankruptcy attorneys, contact our Edwardsville, Illinois, law office at 618-307-4054.

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