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Medical Malpractice

Modern medicine is intricate and technologically complex. Treatments unheard of a few years ago are common today, and people put a tremendous amount of trust in the skill and diligence of their doctors and other medical professionals. When something goes wrong and the outcome is a serious injury, permanent loss of function or the unexpected death of a beloved family member, victims deserve answers and accountability.

Determining whether medical malpractice caused that outcome, whether greater diligence would have made a difference, and who may be liable for damages all call for an experienced medical malpractice lawyer with strong connections to qualified experts.

Serving Metro East Illinois and St. Louis Hospital and Doctor Negligence Attorneys

Medical malpractice claims have always been challenging to evaluate and prove, but the burden and costs are greater than ever in an age of “tort reform” and extremely aggressive insurance defense. Whereas many personal injury lawyers avoid medical malpractice lawsuits altogether, this area remains a strength at Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC.

Our trial-proven St. Louis and Edwardsville medical malpractice attorneys, led by Eric J. Carlson, are well prepared to assess and handle cases of:

  • Serious birth injury or death at delivery due to prenatal care failures or doctor or hospital negligence in the delivery room
  • Failure to diagnose cancer, infection or other serious progressive conditions in a timely manner, resulting in a failure to treat it and avoid life-changing or fatal consequences
  • Surgical errors such as operation on the wrong body part, leaving instruments or foreign objects in the body or failure to take reasonable measures to prevent infection
  • Medication errors resulting in a catastrophic overdose or allergic reaction
  • Other suspected breaches of applicable standards of care

Commitment to Rigorous Case Evaluation and Preparation

In medical malpractice cases, there are absolutely no substitutes for qualified expert opinions, in-depth research and rigorous case preparation. Our lawyers know that winning for our clients calls for total commitment, and we immerse ourselves in the medical resources required to earn sizable verdicts and settlements.

Medical malpractice results obtained by our attorneys include a settlement in excess of $2 million dollars for a failure to properly diagnose a blood flow problem to the spinal cord, resulting in partial paralysis of the patient’s legs.

Anyone who visits a doctor, emergency room or hospital signs various consent forms. It is common for people to wrongly assume that this precludes any action to recover compensation for medical malpractice. However, action against negligent medical professionals is still possible, and we will provide a free case evaluation to assess whether you have a valid claim worth pursuing.