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Which business formation is the best business formation for you?

Everyone who starts a business has different goals in mind. As a business owner, you know your business best, and you may want to know what kind of business formation is the right one to help you save the most money on taxes and to protect you against personal liability if something goes wrong. There are a few common business formations that...

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Driving safety technology that may reduce motor vehicle accidents

Residents of Missouri and other regions have grown tired of fearing a motor vehicle accident each time they leave home. It seems as if the rate of crashes keeps increasing despite the widespread use of safety awareness campaigns. Lawmakers and safety experts agree that human error is the top cause of motor vehicle accidents. Can the latest auto...

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Can the courts uphold a contract that a party has violated?

Executing contracts with other businesses helps you keep the flow of businesses operations and the expenses your company incurs reasonable. You can expect the reliable delivery of services and goods once you and another business have a contract. Unfortunately, plenty of individuals and companies fail to fulfill their contractual obligations,...

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ADA compliance tips for first-time business owners

Opening doors to the public for any new business is a significant milestone. However, before you cut the red tape, you need to ensure that your business complies with the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to ensure businesses do not discriminate against customers or employees based on their disability. If your business is found...

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Why title insurance can be the best investment for your business property

We get it. Business owners want to save every dollar of start-up costs that they can. There certainly are ways to cut corners but neglecting to purchase a title insurance policy is not one of the better ways to save money. Let’s further explore the importance of title insurance for business owners. It’s a new build If you are purchasing a...

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