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Car Accidents

Watch out for tire blowouts

Blowouts can happen to a tire at any time of year, but the heat of summer can make them more likely. The heat of a tire can rise due to it being in contact with a very hot road surface. As the tire heats up, the pressure increases, perhaps to the point where the tire...

Summer driving tips for teens

This summer will be many young drivers’ first chance to spend considerable time in their cars. Whether they just got their license or did so months ago, the long days combined with good weather and the time off from school make it a prime opportunity to explore....

The 3 main driving distractions

When you look at specific examples of how people get distracted behind the wheel, they are nearly endless. One driver is distracted by a phone call while another is reading a text message. Still another driver is distracted by their children in the back seat, and the...