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3 reasons rural roads are more dangerous

The type of road that a person thinks is most dangerous may just depend on where they live. If they’re used to driving in the city, it doesn’t feel that complex and overwhelming, but rural roads feel excessively dark and traffic signals may be harder to decipher. Conversely, someone who is used to driving on rural roads may find them simple and...

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Why is it an issue for someone to die without a will?

Many adults in Illinois do not have a comprehensive estate plan but only a will. There are also countless adults across the state that do not have any estate planning documents in place at all. It is very easy for people to convince themselves that they don't need a will yet or that their loved ones will know what to do with their property and...

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How many traffic violations will result in a suspended driver’s license?

Traffic tickets are synonymous with fines, with the amount you must pay based on your offense's severity. But more than the fines, the state tracks your traffic violations until you hit a certain point where the authorities will have to suspend your license. But how many violations does it take until officials suspend your license? The points...

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Can you drive again after a DWI in Missouri?

If you are caught driving while intoxicated (DWI), you could lose your driving privileges. After a DWI arrest, police will confiscate your license and replace it with a temporary permit that will expire in 15 days. Getting to work, picking up kids from school, or going to the hospital for emergencies can be difficult without a valid driver's...

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What is an advance directive?

When making an estate plan, one type of document that you can use is known as an advance directive. Not all estate plans have these documents, but they help you go beyond what you can do with a standard will. That being said, there are different types of advance directives that you can use. Many of them, although not all, are based around medical...

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