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ADA compliance tips for first-time business owners

Opening doors to the public for any new business is a significant milestone. However, before you cut the red tape, you need to ensure that your business complies with the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to ensure businesses do not discriminate against customers or employees based on their disability. If your business is found...

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Why title insurance can be the best investment for your business property

We get it. Business owners want to save every dollar of start-up costs that they can. There certainly are ways to cut corners but neglecting to purchase a title insurance policy is not one of the better ways to save money. Let’s further explore the importance of title insurance for business owners. It’s a new build If you are purchasing a...

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4 more commercial real estate closing mistakes to avoid

When you want to add a new location to your business or upgrade to a larger headquarters, you can choose to lease new space or buy an office or building. Purchasing commercial buildings that have been properly maintained and updated is a great way to invest your money securely. We want you to know that not all real estate deals in Missouri and...

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3 issues to address at the start of a business partnership

A business partnership is one of the best-known and most common forms for a new business to take. Two or more individuals with a similar idea may decide to share the responsibilities that come with owning and operating a business. A partnership can be a beneficial business structure, as it does not involve the same requirements as more complex...

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Avoiding a holiday drunk driving charge

One of the quickest ways to sour your holiday spirits is to end up in handcuffs -- but that’s exactly what could happen if you get stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol. Halloween is coming fast, and it’s a major night for drunk driving fatalities -- but the next few holidays could be even worse. The risk...

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3 kinds of restrictive covenants that protect employers

Your employment contract will talk about job responsibilities and compensation, as well as company policies. Sometimes, it will also restrict an employee's behavior while they work for you and after they leave your company.  Restrictive covenants are valuable additions to your employment contract that can protect you from the most blatant and...

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Don’t procrastinate in estate planning

Someday, everything you own will be passed on to someone else. Most likely, those assets will go to your children but could also go to grandchildren, family friends and many others. You can do with your assets as you like.  However, in order to make sure that your wishes are actually followed, you need to create an estate plan. The simplest type...

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The basics of the BAIID system in Illinois

Allegations of drunk driving will likely lead to criminal charges, big fines and the suspension of your driver's license. When you want to get back on the road or if you need to drive keep your job or take care of your family, you may need to participate in the Illinois Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) system. The BAIID program...

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