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Driving safety technology that may reduce motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

Residents of Missouri and other regions have grown tired of fearing a motor vehicle accident each time they leave home. It seems as if the rate of crashes keeps increasing despite the widespread use of safety awareness campaigns.

Lawmakers and safety experts agree that human error is the top cause of motor vehicle accidents. Can the latest auto safety technology reduce the rate of crashes caused by human error? Perhaps.

What are some examples of safety technology?

One of the latest automobile safety features is a system that gives drivers a 360-degree view when parking in a tight space. It utilizes cameras to provide a real-time view (including a bird’s eye view from above) of the space your car occupies. At the least, this tech can help you avoid striking other vehicles and obstacles, potentially saving you money. Three other examples include:

  1. Night vision and infrared. In poor lighting, these technologies ensure that you notice obstacles like pedestrians, animals, motorists and stalled traffic.
  2. Augmented reality windshield. This technology is still in the research and development stage. Once ready for use, it will turn your windshield into a heads-up display (HUD), allowing you to see any hazards in your path.
  3. External airbags. If your vehicle detects an imminent collision, these airbags will deploy in 150 milliseconds or less. The developers of this technology say that external airbags can reduce accident injury severity by up to 40%.

Motor vehicle accidents will likely continue occurring even with advanced safety technology. However, it could minimize your physical injuries or eliminate them in some circumstances.

If you believe these technologies can ensure your safety, we still recommend learning more about Missouri accident and injury compensation laws. That way, if you do suffer personal injuries in a crash, you are equipped to fight for the compensation you deserve.