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FTC is looking to fully ban non-compete agreements

A non-compete agreement is designed to protect a business, often with the goal of safeguarding intellectual property. Workers who sign these agreements are stating that they will only work for that specific company and that they will not suddenly leave to join the competition. They may also indicate that they won’t leave to start a company – at...

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What you should know if you plan to pass your business to your children

If you own a business, you should plan for its succession. Who will take over it after you die or are unable to run it? A significant percentage of people pass their businesses to family members, in most cases, the children. If this is what you plan to do, here is what you should know first: Do your kids want to take over the company? You should...

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How phantom traffic jams can pose the risk of traffic violations

"Phantom traffic" refers to a phenomenon where traffic inexplicably slows down or stops, possibly due to a sudden brake by a single driver, an accident or construction zone. This ripple effect, often caused by one driver's abrupt actions, disrupts the smooth flow of traffic and can be a source of major frustration for motorists. In Missouri,...

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