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Avoid accidents by knowing when you can safely pass other cars

Passing on the road isn’t uncommon. After all, if you get behind a slow driver, farm equipment or large truck, you may want to get around them and get on with your day.  However, before moving into another lane, consider the lines. The yellow lines in the center of the road let you know when (and if) it is safe to pass. Knowing what these lines...

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Summer celebrations could bring DUIs

The season for celebrations has arrived! Everything from graduation, prom, weddings and a variety of festivals will fill many summer calendars. Unfortunately, along with these celebrations comes the possibility of DUIs and drunk driving accidents. With a bit of planning ahead, you can safely enjoy the festivities and avoid ending the evening...

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Clarifying the concept of wrongful termination

No employer likes having to release an employee. Sometimes, however, it’s just unavoidable. Someone’s professional performance may have fallen short of company standards. If that is true, or if they committed wrongdoing on the job, then you, as a business manager or owner, have no choice.  Sometimes, the situation is different or less clear-cut....

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3 terms you need to check before signing a commercial lease

There are numerous benefits to leasing commercial property instead of purchasing it outright for your business. Taking on a commercial real estate loan could overextend your company in its earliest stages and reduce your chances of growing it into something successful. A lease will give you access to facilities in the best neighborhood given your...

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