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3 tips for safe driving in the fog

Getting caught in the fog is something that can happen more often as the temperature changes. You could leave your house on a drive in perfectly clear conditions and suddenly find yourself in a bank of fog that you didn’t expect. In some cases, this leads to severe car accidents. The key is to know what you can do to drive safely in advance,...

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Should I revise my will?

Your will is an important document that gives you an opportunity to specify what you want to be done with your estate upon your passing. People tend to write them and then forget about them. After all, no one wants to think about a time when they won’t be here to make their wishes known.  However, it’s a good idea to review your will from time to...

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A merger or acquisition can lead to employee claims later

Mergers can be a fast and effective way for your company to expand its talent base and facilities. Acquisitions can also increase what resources your company can make use of for daily operations. The process of negotiating a merger or acquisition often seems like the most intensive stuff for those in management or an executive role at one of the...

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Are drunk driving checkpoints legal?

Drunk driving checkpoints have often been challenged on the grounds that they violate a person's right to not be subjected to an illegal search or seizure. Most drunk driving traffic stops happen when someone breaks a traffic law and gets pulled over. Checkpoints, on the other hand, subject anyone to that same treatment, even if they haven’t made...

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Know what your commercial landlord’s insurance covers

If you’ll be leasing space in a commercial building or complex for your business, it’s crucial to know what areas are covered by the property owner’s insurance and what areas you’re responsible for if there’s a natural disaster, fire or other damage or if one of your employees or customers is injured.  Typically, the property owner is responsible...

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Avoid accidents by knowing when you can safely pass other cars

Passing on the road isn’t uncommon. After all, if you get behind a slow driver, farm equipment or large truck, you may want to get around them and get on with your day.  However, before moving into another lane, consider the lines. The yellow lines in the center of the road let you know when (and if) it is safe to pass. Knowing what these lines...

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