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Don’t get a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day

Friends will soon gather at their favorite pubs and bars to toast St. Patrick's Day with green beer, kegs and eggs. Traditionally, Saint Patrick's Day is a “drinking holiday.” This means that law enforcement officers will be looking for motorists who could be inebriated and endangering other drivers. According to a study conducted by The National...

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How construction companies can effectively collect on unpaid invoices

Construction work can be very lucrative. Unfortunately, actually securing full payment can sometimes be a challenge for those in the construction sector. Unpaid invoices can impact a company's operations by straining its budget, and many companies occasionally encounter clients who don't pay in full. Property owners often negotiate arrangements...

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Why would you need a trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement that creates a relationship in which a trustor gives a trustee the right to hold and maintain assets until instructed for the benefit of a beneficiary. Many people make trusts alongside their will because a trust can avoid probate, estate taxes and disputes. There are many kinds of trusts with unique legal wording....

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Rushing into a business merger can lead to major liability

A potential merger can be a significant opportunity for a business. The companies negotiating the merger can combine facilities and talent pools while also sharing trade secrets and other business resources. Mergers can lead to rapid growth and local market dominance for the new company formed through the transaction. In theory, a successful...

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FTC is looking to fully ban non-compete agreements

A non-compete agreement is designed to protect a business, often with the goal of safeguarding intellectual property. Workers who sign these agreements are stating that they will only work for that specific company and that they will not suddenly leave to join the competition. They may also indicate that they won’t leave to start a company – at...

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