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Engaging in proper due diligence before acquiring a business

A business acquisition or a merger with another company could be a great option for you as an individual or the company that you run. When you purchase another company or start negotiating to merge with that business, you can potentially benefit from that organization's established brands, its staff roster and even its trade secrets, like...

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2 DUI mistakes to avoid during and after the stop

Not many life experiences are as frustrating, scary and confusing as a DUI stop, especially if you are a first-time offender. A DUI stop is more than just a traffic violation. Depending on the nature of the offense (first or repeat offense), a conviction for drunk driving comes with severe legal and personal consequences. If you are stopped for...

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Considerations for your will when you have a special needs child

Leaving behind your assets in a will can get complicated -- especially if you’re passing along an inheritance to multiple children. There is always the concern that the division of assets is fair or that your last wishes are communicated clearly. Things can get complicated when making a will if you care for a disabled child – no matter their age....

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What are the most common errors made when creating a will?

Do you envision sitting at your kitchen table, writing down your will and calling it done? Most individuals assume this is how wills are created, but you risk much if you take such a casual approach to estate planning. For your final will to accomplish what you want, it must be tailored to your unique circumstances. Taking a cookie-cutter or DIY...

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