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Motorcycles fit easily into a semitruck’s blind spots

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists who are driving near 18-wheelers need to be very aware of the fact that the drivers of those massive vehicles may not be able to see them. This can dramatically increase their accident risks if they’re not careful, and it’s why motorcyclists need to focus on defensive driving. 

After all, there are blind spots on all sides of a semi-truck. Even a car or a pickup truck can fit into these under the right conditions. But a motorcycle, being so much smaller, can easily disappear from sight. 

This means that the truck driver may not even think that they’re doing something negligent or dangerous when they cause a crash. They could suddenly start merging into another lane without realizing that a motorcycle is driving in that lane. Or they may begin braking too late, not realizing that there is a motorcycle right ahead of them. 

The best option is usually to pass the truck 

As a motorcyclist, if you find yourself in a blind spot, don’t panic. But also remember that you don’t want to stay in that blind spot for very long. Typically, since trucks have lower speed limits, the best option is simply to pass the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner. In cases where this may be impossible, it is best for a motorcycle to back off far enough that it leaves the rear blind spot and the truck driver can see it in the mirrors. 

Knowing how to drive safely around a truck doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be injured in an accident caused by that driver. Make sure you know how to seek financial compensation if you are.