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Bobtail trucks pose injury risks to Missouri residents

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Truck Accidents

If you have never heard of a bobtail truck, it is an industry term describing (in most situations) a heavy truck without an attached trailer. For example, after the trucker drops off the trailer at its destination, they must drive the vehicle without a trailer.

You may think this type of truck poses fewer accident and injury risks, but that is not necessarily true. Bobtail trucks are about as dangerous to other motorists as trucks carrying a fully loaded trailer. There are several reasons for bobtail truck accidents.

Trailerless trucks operate differently

Since semi-trucks are always or most of the time hauling freight, they are configured to perform best when loaded. When driving without cargo, truckers have a hard time maintaining control of the vehicle.

Bobtail trucks do not brake properly

Again, because semis exist to haul heavy cargo, the braking systems do not work well without a trailer attached. If the driver must perform a hard brake, the rear wheels may seize and cause the vehicle to pivot dangerously.

The truck picks up more speed

Bobtail trucks can pick up a lot of excess speed without heavy freight trailers slowing them down. The increase in driving speed combined with braking problems can lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Less weight means less friction

Without a heavy trailer attached, the rear wheels of a semi are under less frictional force. The lack of sufficient friction can cause the tractor to skid while also increasing the risk of a rollover during tight turns.

Even when not hauling cargo, truckers and trucking companies may be legally responsible for injuries sustained in a truck accident. Learning more about personal injury and accident law can ensure you find a satisfactory legal solution for your harm.